Buying a Home in Winter – What the cold can tell you.


Think you have a case of the winter blues…

There are some advantage to buying a home in the winter. Not only are there hopefully less buyers to compete with, but you can see how a house stands up to the wicked winter elements.

What to look for in the winter when Buying a home:

  • If there is snow on the neighbourhood roofs but the home you are looking at has bare patches, that is a sign that there is heat escaping and attic insulation is lacking.
  • Are there icicles on the roof of the house? That is another sign of lacking insulation since the roof is warm from escaping heat, melts, and then re-freezes as it drips off the roof. This ice formation can also push under the roof shingles and cause damage.
  • Does the snow limit the available parking spots or street parking?
  • Do the neighbours shovel the sidewalk? How much shovelling will you have to do?
  • Are there any areas of ice around the house? It could indicate that water pools in that area.
  • Are there any drafts or cold spots in the house? Do the windows insulate the cold well? Is the floor cold?
  • Are you comfortable in the house temperature wise?
  • What are the most recent utility costs? Ask to see their hydro and gas bills.

If you are in the market for selling or buying a home, don’t let the winter stop you.

Plus, if the home of interest is taking offers on a certain day, maybe bad weather will limit the number of offers!


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